“There has to be better options than kibble…”

“There has to be better options than kibble…”

Debbie Clark walked into Meals for Dogs and never went back to her old food again! Percy, a little picky in the food department fell in love with our meals and we fell in love with him! Scroll down to read the whole story!

Tell us About Your Dog – Name, Breed, How old?

My dog is named Percy, he is two years old and a Shih Tzu terrier mix.

What made you go to Meals for Dogs? What was the catalyst that brought you into the store?

I went to meals for dogs because I didn’t like the idea of giving my dog kibble…I though there must be a better alternative.

What was your first experience like at Meals for Dogs? How did they help you pick out a plan?

I loved the place as soon as I walked in! They were very friendly told me how important it was to feed dogs nutritious food and told me to watch the documentary Pet Fooled. They help me pick out meals that Percy might like and answered a million questions.

What happened after you started feeding your dog Meals for Dogs?

He loved the food. He is very picky and I have to change the food around but they have many choices and keep coming up with more ideas to encourage him to eat. I feed him when we are eating and he enjoys eating when we do.

Would you encourage other pet owners to go to Meals for Dogs? Why?

I would encourage everyone to feed their pets health fresh food. I hear so many people complain about their dogs health issues… I think this could be resolved with a healthy diet and exercise. People benefit the same way.