Feeding Guideline

100% Fresh and Healthy Food for Dogs & Cats

We suggest serving your dog or cat two servings of MFD Meals daily—once in the
morning and once again in the evening—puppies and kittens can be fed up to
three meals per day. Remember that a dog’s or cat’s unique needs will vary with
their age, size, and activity levels—adjust their food intake accordingly.


Switching to Meals For Dogs Meals

It will take approximately ten days to transition your dog or cat off of its current
food regimen. Start with 25% of MFD meals added into 75% of your pet’s current food for the first three days. On day four, increase to 50% of MFD Meals mixed with 50% of their usual food. On day five mix 75% of MFD Meals with 25% of their (soon-to-be) old food. Continue to gradually increase the ratio of MFD Meals to their old kibble and by day ten your pet should be enjoying a 100% MFD Meals diet.

Watch Your Pet Closely for the First Few Weeks

Excessive diarrhea and other stress-induced behaviors can be signs of
gastrointestinal distress—no one wants their little buddies to have upset tummies. Reduce portions of MFD Meals, substituting with an equal amount of their previous food giving their stool and digestive system some time to adjust to their new real- food diet; keep in mind that it is quite common for your pet’s stools to be softer until they’ve fully adjusted to their new diet.

These are suggested amounts of food

If you need to add more food to maintain your pet’s dietary needs do so and monitor them for a few weeks. If your pet starts to gain unwanted weight, reduce food servings until you find what works best for your dog or cat, keeping in mind that activity levels are different for every animal.
Please call us at 954-364-8337 with any questions or concerns you may have.

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