About us

How Meals For Dogs was born

Jasmin was an Australian Shepherd and the love of my life. She passed away in 2020 at the age of 16.  She was constantly affected by skin allergies that would quickly escalate and turn into staph infections requiring multiple trips to the veterinarian for antibiotics and steroids.

Jasmin’s skin would clear up and problems would return again in 6 months, it was a vicious cycle for years. I started to Google skin allergies & dogs and came up with a lot of research on healthy food & it’s benefits. I began cooking for all of my dogs and cats and have never looked back.

I hired a PHD animal nutritionist to formulate a variety of meals that are balanced for a healthy lifetime of feeding. I opened Meals For Dogs in October 2016 and have enjoyed being able to share our knowledge and meals.

Over the past several years I have met many customers whose pets have greatly benefited from our Meals & Treats and I look forward to helping other pet parents improve their pets health and have more happy years together! ?

We work at Meals For Dogs because we love what we do. We love helping dogs & cats, one healthy meal at a time.


Catherine Paul-Hus & The Meals For Dogs Team